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Sub-project Assistant
Sub-project 1-1. Cultivate innovative engineering talents through core practical internship Szu-Ying LeeCheng-Yu Wu
Sub-project 1-2. Appropriate cultivation plans that link to industrial needs 鄭光凱、陳怡霖
Sub-project 1-3. Develop an academy of whole person education 林韋宏、林柔吟、楊佩倩、費麟傑
Sub-project 2-1. Innovation and entrepreneurship practice 莊明憲
Sub-project 2-2. Strengthen campus internationalization Yi-Zhen LiViolet Lee
Sub-project 2-3. Project title: Interdisciplinary Competence Development Project 郭育銘
Sub-project 3-1. Teaching innovation and teacher development Shih-Ting ShiuShie Pei Fang
Sub-project 3-2. Project title: Pilot Project in Specific R&D Domains Jia-Rou Lin
Sub-project 3-3. Industry and academia connection, and industrial application talent cultivation Yi-Ting Lin
Sub-project 4-1. Helping the disadvantaged pursue social class mobility 張永蓁、曾珮京
Sub-project 4-2. Institutional administration and local university sustainability Rui-Hong ZhangRui-Zhu Zhang
Sub-project 4-3. Institutional research and information disclosure Yu-Lun Chuang